Attempting digital art, more like: 



*fake moustache falls off to reveal a real moustache* god damn my identity is revealed

Dragon Age reaction gifs part three, Origins/Awakening/snark edition!  Same rules apply - reblog/use freely wherever you like, just don’t repost or claim as your own, thank. <3


ok so who else imagines amvs when they listen to songs

Night Vale Themed Asks
Cecil: Who/What is the object of your adoration and/or obsession?
Carlos: What do people like most about you?
Wheat or Wheat By-products: Do you have any food allergies?
Dog Park: What was something you weren't allowed to do as a child?
Hooded Figures: Have you ever had a supernatural encounter?
Sheriff's Secret Police: Have you ever broken any of Night Vale's laws?
Weather: What is your favorite song?
Kevin: Something that makes you smile that really shouldn't.
Steve Carlsburg: What is a quality you dislike in a person?
Angels: Did you ever or do you still have imaginary friends?
Rico's Pizza: What is something you could eat every week for the rest of your life?
Mayor Winchell: What is something you are deathly passionate about?
Desert Bluffs: What place in the world do you hate the most?
Telly the Barber: Something you regret.
Glow Cloud: Have you ever killed an animal, accident or otherwise?
Khoshekh: What is your dream pet? Dead or alive, real or imaginary it doesn't matter.
Man in the Tan Jacket: Something you wish you could forget.
Apache Tracker: What is the most tasteless thing in your wardrobe?


*breaks the law* *duct tapes it back together*


Less queer struggles more queer snuggles 

“shit wrong blog”
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say those three words and i’m yours

rooster teeth merch?